Masso pendant options

I would like a pendant for my Elite. Are there other options for a pendant other than the Masso unit? The $52 shipping seems steep so I’m just looking at options as we have time to ponder.

VistaCNC sells similar MPG’s , I bought the MASSO and yes the freight is costly, the pendent price however looks to be competitive.

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I also bought the one from Masso, there are others out there that should in theory work but I recall reading somewhere in the Masso docs that they need to be able to operate at 36v that the Masso uses. I’ll see if I can find that again.

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I ordered and just received one of these, came with 15 pin connector. I still have to verify pinout. JMPG2 version

$72 CAD to my door (arrived in 10 days)

C$ 41.58 40% Off | Standard 5v mpg 4-axis 5-axis 6-axis cnc electronic handwheel mach3 motion control system, emergency stop electronic handwheel

Wiring details from Masso referencing the voltage. One i ordered is a 5 volt, so I will need a voktage regulator, as masso voltage will be too high.

Voltage regulators
Wolfwhoop PW-D Control Buck Converter 6-24V to 5V 1.5A Step-Down Regulator Module Power Inverter Volt Stabilizer

These are also available in 24v configuration on AliEx - would save the bother of installing a buck converter.

Hello. New to CNC and Masso in general. But is this the pendant (controller) everyone is talking about?

That is the one sold by Massso for Masso controllers, and it is plug and play in that it has the connector and it is for the proper voltage - 24VDC. There are many other options that will work and are much less expensive, BUT…

  1. most run off 5VDC, and will need you to supply your own power for this (bypassing the power wire in their connector should it come with one)
  2. will require you to purchase and solder your own connector, which means you will need to be somewhat skilled at this, and have the time and understanding of the wiring diagrams
    I purchased one I liked that had an additional ‘enable’ button on the side for safety, as well as no connector, which is what I wanted for my installation needs. At the time it was less than $70 CA with free shipping. It was 5V, which I wanted as I was connecting it to a 5VDC power supply in the control panel I built.
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Has anyone had experience with this wireless pendant? Seems like wireless would be preferred as long as it does not reduce the accuracy of the axis movements.

I do not have experience with it, but you will need a voltage regulator to take the Masso 24VDC down to 5VDC which the pendant encoder requires.

Has anyone gone ahead with installing a wireless pendant?

These models by XHC seem well suited as they’re available in 24v (or multi-voltage up to 24). I’m looking at a XHC model right now (from a different seller) that has e-Stop and activate buttons that TM mentioned liking to prevent accidental movements.

For anyone else considering the specific link above: the set comes with a voltage converter as can be seen in their PDF instructions. The site is generally Masso-centered so everything they sell seems to include whatever you need for direct connection.