Masso software updates - 2022 summarized

For those of you familiar with my updates, you know that I have been using the Masso G3 controller in my ATC build for almost 2 years now, and have always been pleased with its functionality and Masso’s support. I thought since so many have recently purchased the Elite series from Onefinity, you might be interested in the work Masso puts into improving their product and users’ experience through regular firmware updates.

To help give an idea of the progress made, I have summarized the updates - ‘New features’ and ‘Improvements and Bug fixes’ for 2022 - and present them below. Note that Masso makes controller versions for mill, lathe, and plasma and all reference to these are included. I did not include any Beta firmware releases.

Some may find it interesting reading while you wait for your machines… :smiley:

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Thank you for taking the time to post this information here. Your efforts are appreciated.

As neophytes (at least some of us are) we struggle with understanding the significance of some of these updates. I appreciate your comment that some updates are geared to other, industrial applications. Is there any way of summarizing what you consider most meaningful here? What have Masso done for US (this sounds like the start of a Monty Python skit) :slight_smile:
Thanks again

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Happy to share.

As far as your question of most meaningful, I really can’t answer that since so much depends on other factors that vary a great deal between users.

For example, the changes and updates to the tool change logic were very helpful to me, but that is because I built an ATC system. For others this won’t matter at all.

Also, I have found from being on the forums that a lot too depends on a person’s machining background and experience, of which I to date have very little :grinning: Some users have asked for things because it helps them in their production environment with the types of products they make, or with a work flow they are used to, or because their ‘last software/controller’ could do it and they miss the convenience … the list goes on.

If you and others have the time and interest, I highly recommend checking out the online Masso manual and give it a read. Or, using the update summary as a guide, check out some of the CLICK HERE text in the manual for features that sound interesting.

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Thank you for your response. The manual seems like a good place to start while I twitch, waiting for the Foreman to arrive :slight_smile:
Hopefully PWN and 1F will produce many videos in advance of arrival so we will know everything from assembly to first cuts before they even ship Cheers!

They may not have time! :grinning:

I also recommend checking out CNCNutz’s Masso tutorial videos - they are thorough, cover everything, and may be all you need.