Masso Tower Light Logic

No sure I am understanding the Tower Light control on Masso
If I enable Tower Light Green on output 14, Tower light Yellow on output 15 and Tower light red on Output 16, all active low, This is what I see when I turn on the machine.

Both Red and Yellow start Flashing
After you push and release the stop button Then only the yellow keeping flashing,
The Red flashing tells us we have an alarm, Then after we reset the stop button, with the yellow still flashing tells us we are homing, which is good. Then after home is complete we get no Green Tower light which I think we should. After home all tower lights are off.

Anyone else getting this?

Yep. Sounds about right.

OK so what triggers a Green tower light on?

Here is a link to info on the tower light functions

Yes I have seen that doc. I would think after the system has completed homing we would get a green tower light on. To tells us we are ready.
But looks like it only becomes active after you start a file.

The documentation is clear:

Name. State. Description.
Green. Solid. Program running normally.

Just a thought, and experience with many industrial systems I’ve worked on. One would think the yellow would go from flashing to solid after “homing” has completed successfully to indicate “ready to run” with the green as is indicating “run active and run active user input required”. This would be a positive light tower indication that the system has no faults or errors and is “ready” instead of no light at all. Then again the “home” button on the Masso already tells that…