Masso Wired Network

I don’t know if I’m just not searching for this correctly, but I see a lot of discussion both on Masso forums and here on connecting to Masso through Wi-Fi, but I cannot find if you can connect with an ethernet cable. My shop is far from my house and has no Wi-Fi, I do have a cat6 cable run to it so I can connect my current machines to the network for remote access or file transfer. This is much more stable and faster than any Wi-Fi. This ability to connect might be a driving factor on whether or not I upgrade to an elite machine with Masso or not.

This can not be done with current Masso controller hardware.

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The Masso can generate it’s own WiFi hot spot signal for your computer to connect with wirelessly, but of course you can’t also be on the internet, as there is no connection. I don’t know if you have considered using a Wifi extender at the end of your Cat6 and in essence extender your home internet for wireless use in your shop? That’s what I did and it works just fine as my computer and the Masso connect to the extender, I just labeled it as the same SSID with an addition of “Garage” to differentiate it.

Pleased2flyJim Holler I might just have to go that route although I prefer the security and stability of the wired network. Would a USB network adaptor work with the Masso like what is used for a laptop? Thanks for the info.

Hi Rob,

I’m not sure if an adapter would work. My meaning was that the Masso has a built in network card to access from your computer wirelessly without any other devices needed. It has the ability to transmit from the Masso and you can download software called Masso Link, from the Masso website to finalize the connection between the 2 devices. I use it occasionally to transmit a cut file to the Masso, but mostly to monitor a cut in progress from my office in the next room. To be honest, I usually move files via USB since I have to set up the cut at the machine anyway, such as load the file and Home/zero for the cut, but the wireless connection between the two is possible and already built in.

If you did set up an extender though, you could set the Masso to be on the network you already have and use the internet at the same time. If you log in to the Masso’s network, you couldn’t then be on the internet, if that is important.