Connecting to Masso

I’ve been having problems getting a reliable connection with Masso going through my router. I switched to MyMasso, but I then cannot have internet access.

I solved that problem by buying a $10 USB wireless adapter through Amazon. That adapter is connected to the Masso and I leave my internal adapter connected to my internet.

Now best of both.


You may have just made my day. I’ve been working with Masso for 3 weeks on this and haven’t gotten anywhere.

So if I understand correctly, you put a second wifi adapter on your computer (not on the Masso). On your Masso you use the MyMasso network feature instead of connecting it to your router. You then connect your USB adapter on the computer to that network and leave your regular adapted connected to the router/internet?

I didn’t realize it was possible to have a second adapter on my computer. Not much a networking guru. I was actually looking at just putting a USB adapted on the Masso to see if that worked but wasn’t sure if it would recognize it.


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Doug, that’s exactly what I did. If you’re operating in Windows, go to the network sharing section and add the second adapter. Once it’s added, start my maso. You will see, if you click on the new adapter, the MyMSO network. I assign the new adapter to the MyMSO, and it will have connected to that but will not have internet access. I’ve been using this setup now for, well whenever I posted that, and it has worked flawlessly. If you can’t get it to work feel free to contact me back.



I’ve got it working! Was just able to transfer a file successfully. I’ll give it a more thorough run through this weekend. Thanks for your help.

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You’re welcome! Glad to be able to help