May we have a "Spindle" category on the forum please?

I am beginning to dig deeper into the topic of spindles and there’s no category for it. A separate category for “Spindles” would be very helpful. Yes, I remember that OF doesn’t support them but . . . .


Hey Alan,

I think this would make sense.

This would better be a “Spindle/VFD” category since what is usually called a spindle in context of cnc machines is an induction motor which runs on three phase electricity and its speed is controlled by varying frequency so typically needs a VFD to be used.

But like “Aftermarket Controllers” there also could be a category “Aftermarket Milling Motors”. This may or may not include spindles. Such a category would make sense because in contrast to using a trim router, which has a 65 or 69 mm housing diameter to be held in a hand, there exist many reasonable solutions if people prefer using single-phase universal motors, like Mafell FM-1000 PV-ER (with interface to control speed) or Suhner UAD 25-RF (Suhner Catalog).

In contrast to trim routers like Makita RT0701C, such milling motors are allowed and made for permanent use in a cnc and they are delivered after run-in by manufacturer.

But at the moment it is clear that you can not use such motors with Onefinity since the Onefinity CNC lacks a 43 mm mount for wide-spread 43 mm milling motors :frowning:


I think it is time for this as well. Although 1F may never officially support troubleshooting spindle/VFDs, they certainly know there is an active user base buying their CNCs for use with spindles - particularly I believe because of the design and build quality of their CNC. The fact that they produced the 80 mm mount, and more recently linked a “Makita router or spindle? A guide for new users” FAQ on the Official FB Users Group, makes me think they are invested fully in this upgrade.

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Hey Alan,

that was a good idea. You hit the nerve, category was created very quickly

Now to move all the existing Spindle/VFD related threads :thinking:

Thanks Aiph5u, looks like someone needs to write the intro for the category. Would you volunteer to do that please?

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