MID Error how to fix

Ran a simple sign. Moved on to the next simple sign and got a MID error now the machine will not run.
All I get is an error saying it can run WHILE IN MID MODE.
What the hell is MID mode and how do I get rid of it.

ERROR: Cannot enter running cycle while in mdi cycle

Post your file - I’ll give it a try. If it happens on my machine, maybe I can help you figure out what’s going on?

On the monitor there are 4 buttons below the probe buttons. Make sure that you are on Auto.

Thanks da, I deleted the saved file(files) rebooted and it moved on. What ever was causing the issue went away.

That was the first thing I looked at. It was in auto I deleted ever saved file I had in the controller. Fixed what ever was causing the issue.

MDI = manual data input. It is one of the tabs on the UI. Which I now realized I failed to cover in my upcoming video! Nuts, time to add some footage :wink: