Minimalistic drag chain bracket

This is a minimalistic upper drag chain bracket that will work directly with this drag chain linked below. This is small, so only the X & Z cable will fit. I’ve attached the STL file in case someone wants to print it directly as-is, and the STEP file in case you want to customize it. Also showing the profile dimensions & hole locations in case you want to design it from scratch.




Where can I buy this?

The bracket? It’s not an off-the-shelf item but if you have a 3D printer you can print one. If not, let me know and I can print & mail you one for $10.

I am new to all of this so no 3D printer. Would love to buy one. You take Venmo?

No, I can do PayPal or Zelle. Where are you located?

PayPal works. Minneapolis

Ok, let me get back with you on this. I’ve been having some printing issues, and the one I printed today was no good. Will try again tomorrow if I get a chance, hopefully will have better success.

Can I ask what material you use to print the bracket? Does PLA have adequate strength?

For this small of a bracket I think standard PLA would be sufficient, but I used PLA with carbon fiber which seems to have a bit more strength. I printed at 30% infill.

Thank you. I am going to order a machine when my tax refund arrives. It’s kind of disappointing that Onefinity doesn’t offer options to equip with drag chains … but a small nit to pick. I assume you have been happy with the Onefinity CNC.


Oh, absolutely & completely happy with it Dennis. I sold a totally upgraded & custom X-Carve when I saw the Onefinity. Having a 40+ year career in machining & tool design, the Onefinity was a no-brainer for me.

There have been so many variations of drag chains made, based on how people have their machines set up. My drag chain setup is working very well for me. It’s probably the smallest drag-chain setup I’ve seen, but it only carries 2 small cables (X and Z). Oh, and a clarification: I never printed & used the bracket from the carbon fiber filament, I was having trouble with my printer at the time so I’m still using my original one from normal PLA.

@Machinist did you consider machining one? Seems like a relatively friendly part to machine.

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@makerjace no, I did not initially consider machining one at the time, mostly because I didn’t have a suitable 45 deg. cutter. However, I do now, so I definitely would if I should need to make a new one in the future.

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