Mister Setup for milling Aluminum?


I hope this is the correct place for this. But I’d like to setup a mister on my machinist with Makita router for some small metal pieces I want to make. Is there a write up anywhere on how to set this up so that the mister will start and stop with the job? In the event that a job finishes and it takes me 10mins to go shut everything down I don’t want the mister flooding the workspace nor wasting the coolant/lubricant.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

If you have the Elite control, you can use the Vacuum plug in on the back, not sure if you have the BB.

If you have the Elite what Pat says.

I use the IOT Switching Relay Power Strip that I usually powers my shopvac.
You can connect that either to the buildbotics controller or the VDF and power the compressor from that.


Thanks! I’ll look into this :slight_smile:

I use the Load outputs on the back of the BB controller (although 1F doesn’t support them and says they are inop, mine work fine) along with the following to control mist cooling on my Journeyman…

Buck Converter to give me 24VDC

24VDC Electric Solenoid Air Valve

and, Misting nozzle kit

works fine, just be sure to include the code to turn the mister on and off. Can be used without cooling as a directed blower also, just be sure to run it dry for a few minutes to purge the coolant.
Let me know if you would like pics of my mister setup.
Hope this helps…



Thank you for the detailed response! I would love to see how you set this up.

I’m brand new to everything CNC so the more information you’re willing to share the better for me :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the response and links!