Modern Battleship Game

Decided to make a Battleship Game using models of modern ships as the game pieces. Here is the first attempt at SSN-775 USS Texas submarine. I used a piece of scrap and messed up on a bit of it so it is now a toy.


I could not have picked a better project to learn the various elements of Fusion 360 and the OneFinity. Each ship has had different issues and things to overcome. Next up is the aircraft carrier and then back to work on the sub.


Did you create the models too or buy them? Pretty awesome idea

I figured out how to import sketchup models from 3D warehouse into fusion 360. Some manipulation later and I can process them for milling.


I am very appreciative of the level of detail in the sketchup models.


I work on building the real LCS’s and I must say your wooden model is very interesting. Very impressed!!


Thank you. I am glad it does it justice. Amazing ships.


That CVN is CVN-78. I would recognize that island anywhere.

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I had to look closely, I am guessing that is a glue line at the base of the island and it was machined separately.

That is correct. Machined a hole for it in the deck so I could machine it separate on three sides to get the detail. Wood chipped because I was using poplar from Lowe’s and not a harder wood like some of the others.

That is awesome! Nice pic.