More Notes From The Newbie Files

When machining a multi-tool-change 2.5 or 3d carving, be sure to leave some portion of “untouched” material at your original z material height for the probe to sit on.

Cigarettes (and one assumes cigars, pipes, and doobies) can - and will - ignite the cloud of mdf dust that appears when you empty your dust trap.

Using material that is ‘just barely’ large enough for the design, leaving little room for clamping, is false economy.

The X axis carrier block doesn’t mind if your probe wire has gotten draped over the rail.

Time spent on a finishing pass with a tiny stepover passes much more quickly than time spent with flap sanders.


The voice of experience or items learned from others?

The voice of self-effacing experience, unfortunately.

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If you are wanting to minimize the wasted wood (some call it cheap) then you just need to switch from mechanical clamps to a vacuum clamping system.

Here’s my only note (since I don’t have my 1F yet, no matter what you think plan on spending twice what you budgeted. That goes for about anything that’s fun.


One more (don’t ask how I know): clamps can damage the Suckit Dust Boot.

More specifically, when you’re not sure you got the axis right in Fusion CAM and you do an aircut it’s not enough to remove the bit, you also want to raise the Suckit mounting arms.