Movement speed slowed after firmware upgrade

After upgrading to the latest firmware (1.08), when I manually enter gcode to move my machine it moves at the slowest speed and doesn’t stop at the correct distance anymore.
When using the laser my offset in the Y direction is 2.6875" to put it at zero. I used to enter g1 y2.6875 and it would immediately move to that position, now it does not. I am not an expert at entering gcode manually, so maybe I’m doing it wrong

Hi Chris - I can’t speak to the wrong location as I have not upgraded yet, but you can set the feed rate when you enter the gcode - just add FXXXX to the end of your command. XXXX = feed rate in the appropriate units. Ex: G1 X0 Y0 F100 would move to 0,0 at 100ipm.

NOTE: It’s really important to set your units - G20 for imperial, G21 for metric - and positioning mode - absolute = G90, relative = G91 before sending any commands. If you issued the above command in relative mode, it would not move anywhere. If you issued the above command in metric units, it would be very, very slow.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Tom, appreciate that–I will give that a try!

Thanks Tom, worked like a charm!

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