Rapid Y Movement Stalling

I just encountered an issue while using the machine in which when I jog the machine in the Y direction in the fastest speed setting, the machine stalls and makes a loud whine sounds. This happened during a cut so I tried to repeat the same scenario while manually jogging and I was able to catch it on video a few times. @OnefinityCNC Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Update: need to figure out how to post a video on here.

Waiting for replies, I have also had issues when jogging the machine at the max setting on the controller and it won’t home to the correct spot in the Y direction.

I had this same issue and resolved it by reducing the max velocity for X and Y from 12.75 to 10 (make sure your controller units are metric before updating to max velocity of 10). This was supposed to be part of the 1.0.6 BETA firmware update but when I loaded the file it only reduced my max velocity to 12. Try going down to 10 and see if it helps. Since doing this I haven’t had the stalling or homing issue.

@Pierce That makes a-lot of sense, that rapid movement does seem a little too rapid for my taste. I will definitely try to reduce that movement tonight. I have also contacted onefinity support via email so if they don’t post a response here, I will post they’re fix for this problem here. Thanks

The default has always been 12. The beta reduces it to 10…but you missed the part in the beta where after you update, you need to reset the configuration for those settings to take affect. Try resetting the config file so you get all those changes as well.

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This was addressed in the 1.0.6 beta firmware. Make sure to do the part after applying the firmware that requires resetting the configuration!

This was addressed in the 1.0.6 beta firmware. Make sure to do the part after applying the firmware that requires resetting the configuration!

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Trying this as a cut just lost it’s position after moving - the shudder was audible and drew my attention to see it carving away wood that means start over with new wood.

@OnefinityCNC Thank you for the quick response. I updated the machine and the issue has been resolved. Much appreciated.

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I’m not sure if this is a dead issue, but I received my OF right before Christmas and have been learning what it can do. But I have had this problem too. Running from the front to the back and while running a program. Is it possible for a step by step procedure how to change this limit. I understand what you are talking about, but don’t understand how to change and save the limit.

Thank you, A Newbie

flash to 1.0.6 beta and THEN reset configurations.

Will give it a shot. Will try not to mess it up.
Thanks for the quick response

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So I’m seeing this same issue on 1.0.7, so I did the upgrade to 1.0.8 but I’m still having issues, max velocity on x and y is set to 10, max jerk set to 1000 max accel set to 750.

I’m trying to modify spoilboard to insert nuts but have ran the program 4 times and each time it stalls in y (different place each time) and y goes out of step.

Then won’t home again until a reset.

Any ideas?..

Since the weather turned colder I have been experiencing this issue on the Y axis, running 1.08, I have set the max velocity down to 9 and it has improved but is still happening occasionally…should I go lower or be looking at something else?

You may try upping stall amps a little. I would test homing with each .1
I just had mine not stalling so I had to lower to .6

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I had the exact same thing happening to me. One of my Y rails was the culprit. It was seizing. 1F sent me a new rail all has been good since.

Hey Jack05!! Do you have your problem fixed?? Im experiencing tiny stalls that i can hear and see during cutting. Thanks all for your time!!

i am no longer seeing this since upgrade to 1.0.9 and also changing my settings not by my machine but can provide settings tomorrow (UK time)

I’m glad that’s fixed for u! Waiting for your settings advise! And thanks for your response!

Will get these in a couple of hours. Did a full maintenance on my machine as I had to replace some drag chains for my new laser and forgot to get them