Rapid Move speed

Where can I change the Rapid Move speed? I would like it to move at Y speed, but even X speed would be okay too. I know ‘Safe Z’ is set in the CAD, but I don’t see where I can set the velocity anywhere.

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You can change your max-jerk from 1000 up to 15,000 in your motor settings for motor 0, 1, and 3 (change your units to metric first in settings). Might consider going up incrementally. Try going to 5000, and if not what you want then 10,000. Follow along with video attached.


Hi Scott
Movement speed while cutting is controlled by the feedrate and plunge rate. The higher the number (inches per minute) the faster it will cut but certain factors may cause the bit to fail. The movements between cuts (Rapid movements) are set with the max-jerk settings. This is the rate of change of the acceleration moving from one function to the next. I’ve found that the optimal setting for max jerk is 10,000 km/min^3. You can really notice the rapid movement if you were to design a file say 20” deep x 24” wide and create a circle 1/2” dia x 1/4” deep for area clear near each of the 4 corner and create the toolpath. While cutting the circle, you’ll see that the speed will cut at your feedrate and plunge rate setting but when moving to the next circle (rapid rate) it will travel much faster between circles based on what you have the max jerk set at. As I show in the video, these are set under setting → motor 0 for x, motor 1 for y or motor 3 for z

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