My New Journeyman

Received my Elite Journeyman on Saturday. Spent the weekend assembling it, testing it with circles, squares and triangles and installed a spoil board. Monday I surfaced same and cut several pieces.

This is the most amazing cnc I’ve ever operated. With a PWNCNC spindle it’s so quiet and smooth. This was definitely worth the wait. The previous CNC was a belt drive and trying to get smooth cuts was near impossible. I’ve been able to eliminate a final finishing pass with a 0.062 tbn. The cutout pass for each project left a clean finish on the edges. Only needed a sanding mop to get them to the finishing point.

This is one hell of a machine.


Can’t agree with you more, I took the time to tram my spindle in to very near zero and that has me with no machine lines.
Thanks, Pat

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Very nice work by the way.

Thank you, sir! Checked the initial tramming and it was spot on. I’ll no doubt need to check it again in the near future.

I’ve got a wood supplier near me that puts aside smaller pieces he thinks I might be interested in. One of the woods he’s turned me on to was Monkey Pod. Kind of a cross between Walnut and grain like Mahogany. Cuts exceptionally well. That’s what the Mackerel was cut out of. They get in huge slabs that they build custom tables, countertops and shelves from. I get some of the cutoffs.

Again, thanks for the response and compliment.


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