My woodworker x35 has been updating for 24 hours should i let it alone or try again

My woodworker x 35 has been updating for24 hours latest version 1.07 is that normal

Hello Eugene,

No the updates should only take 10-15min. If it is stuck then you should shut down the power supply then try again. It is possible that the update did take and just the end sequence did not trigger. Either way you should shut it down and retry it is not going to finish if you give it more time.

If for some reason, it does not take the 2nd attempt you can try once more then you might have to Flash the SD card with the latest firmware. Its a bit manual as you have to remove the SD card from the controller and do it on your PC. But very doable, I’ve done mine 5x now with beta firmware. Instructions for that are on the forum just put it “Flash Firmware” in the search.

Good Luck,