Need to press rewind before each cycle start?


Maby really noob question, but on the masso, i need each time a load a new file, press rewind before i can start cycle,
can i change something in config so this press is not nessesary? :slight_smile:

From the online manual…

Loading & Running G-Code

MASSO runs gcode files directly from the USB Flash drive. Please see the below video for instructions on how to load and run gcode files.

Files with extensions .nc, .cnc, .tap, .wiz, .txt, .eia are displayed in the F6 - Load File screen.

Gcode files as big as 4GB can be run on controller.

If you are loading a very large Gcode and do not want to wait for the toolpath preview to be displayed you can press the Escape button on screen or the ESC key on the keyboard to cancel the preview.

Gcode files can also be transferred wirelessly using WiFi connection and transferring files from PC using the MASSO Link software.

WARNING: After loading your Gcode file you must press the Rewind button before pressing Cycle Start to run your program.

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This is a bit of a pain point. The controller should really just do that automatically after loading a file. That’s a really poor implementation.

Masso does seem to put thought into their various implementation decisions, and from my reading of forum discussions over time not every one of their choices is well received - sometimes this leads to change.

I am curious as to their reasoning for the need for a mandatory initial ‘rewind’ - maybe ask it on the Masso forum(?). Perhaps forcing Gcode files to start from their beginning lines adds a layer of safety? I do not have enough CNC experience to know the reason(s).

I just made a feature request post on the Masso forum.

Imagine a text editor that left your cursor position at the end of a file after loading it. Unheard of.

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Could it be that the rewind is necessary to clear the memory of last line of code memory? If it automatically cleared the file on loading, would that interfere with the jump to line memory of the last power cycle/interruption? It would seem that resetting to line number zero automatically wouldn’t be helpful.

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Eactly. Or else will affect the “jump to line” feature.

Rewind is done as when your file loads masso runs thought it as it loads and sometimes on cnc controllers it will load properly masso did this so you would always confirm its at start. You can add a button to your screen beside your CS ( Green button) and do it that way.

That’s an implementation detail and it can go either way depending on how Masso wants to handle it. One thing doesn’t preclude the other.