New machine, how square is good enough?

So I am tediously setting up a spoil board with dog holes and threaded inserts. I have not gotten to cutting any of the holes yet, but after a lot of trial and error, my machine is out of square .020in over 12inches of cut. This is about 0.1 degree out of square. Seems very small, but before I start the process of final cuts I wanted to understand how close is reasonable?

This .1 degree translates to ~.070in off over the course of a 40 inch cut, so if I get around to cutting larger pieces that fit together, things will not line up.

Frankly, only you can answer that. You will see other posts in this forum with people fretting about waaay smaller deviations than that. When you mention the difference over 40", I’m assuming you have a Journeyman. Personally, I would stop right here and square up the machine to the best of my ability. If you can pass a tape from corner to corner and then from the other corners and come up to within 1/32", I would call it good. But that’s me, only you can say when to stop and call it good enough. For most projects, you won’t have a problem but if you’re doing large panels that you want to flip over and work on the other side and want the holes to line up, then yeah, you may have a problem. Let us know how it works out.