New Machine Setup

I had a 1" tube steel “cube” frame welded up. Then bolted some leveling casters and screwed down a piece of shellacked and chamfered 1-1/4" MDF over some door weather-stripping (for vibration control). The controller sits on a 19" server rack sliding shelf suspended under the table top. I wanted an open concept to start so the table can grow with me.



Really like the sever rack drawer concept. Very nice build. Probably steal the drawer idea for mine 15987 (July). My table is finished and readt.

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Nice frame and the server rack is a nice idea, I guess I live under a rock I have not seen one.

Nice idea on the slide out controller. I like that.

Really like the addition of pull drawers. I’ve got the same table was wondering if the drawers were custom made or a kit from Kreg. thx in adv.

No they are my design and build. Black Melamine for the carcass and drawer faces. Then trimmed the drawer faces in 3/8" Oak and painted blue to match the table. Overkill for shop furniture but had the time waiting until July.

Sorry for the super late reply but I do have an update on the server racks. Server racks are doing well but are definitely not made to handle vibration. I had nuts falling out all over the place but with a little Loctite everything works well now. Server rack parts are also not cheap but well made and seem to take abuse, aside from the vibration.