New York, Machinist X-35 (original) machine for sale - $1,600

Must be gone by 2023-08-26T04:00:00Z

I have a Machinist size X-35 machine in very very good condition that I am looking to sell by Saturday. This is located in New York City and I do not want to ship it. Price reflects local pickup and the short time frame. I am flexibly available on Friday/Saturday to help move this into a truck.

Machine Specs

Delivered early 2021. Buildbotics controller with touchscreen. Makita router. Wireless controller. Runs fine, I’ve done a lot of engraving and small projects with this. Has routing and Loc-Line for compressed air hookup. This Makita router has about 200 hours on it and runs great.


I’m willing to sell the base machine, router, and controller for $1,600. I have a few other things that I’ll happily bundle in or part out and sell separately if someone wants them after the machine is sold.

  • $400 bundle only - Saunders Machine Works custom fixture plate. Mounts to the machine feet full size and has multiple mounting points for Orange Vise locators. What you see pictured here.
  • $250 bundle / $350 shipped in the US - Jtech laser package This was the original laser sold with the machine in 2021, I’m sure there are nicer ones now, but this would be a fun add on. I’ve never used it.
  • $1,000 bundle only - Orange Vise - Delta IV - 4" x 9" and Zero Point System Base - Terrific vise.
  • $500 bundle / $750 shipped in the US - Masso G3 controller with pendant. Was planning to build a new control box but never got around to it. If you’re picking it up locally there’s a full metal control cabinet I’ll throw in.

Where in NY is this located?

New York City.

Base machine and fixture plate are no longer available. If you’re interested in the Delta vise or laser please let me know.

Thank you for the prompt reply