Newbie here - laptop suggestions

Hi guys! I’m new to the CNC world and wondering if someone can suggest a good laptop (on the more affordable side, as it will be used to only to operate the machine). I received an HP chrome book but I don’t believe this will work with Easel! I’m hoping to start out with a free program (easel) to get a feel for how to use the Cnc.
Also wondering if anyone has used Procreate? I use this for creating and it doesn’t seem you can export the right files from there to use on Easel or whatever CAD software.
Please help, any advice would be greatly appreciated!


You don’t need a laptop to operate the machine. The controller & monitor run the machine - it’s got an embedded computer (a Raspberry PI) running a Linux O/S.

You will need a laptop or desktop PC to run any of the normal design (CAD) and CAM programs. Except for Fusion 360, the rest can run on pretty much any reasonably recent laptop. You don’t need to break the bank. The one I use for VCarve Pro is an HP Spectre laptop that’s a couple of years old.

If you do go for Fusion, get yourself a good gaming laptop. Fusion really needs a powerful graphics card and that means a gaming laptop.

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