Newbie- Would you set the CNC up in a Northeast Garage

I know some teachers say there is no such thing as a dumb question but… yeah. I am in the Northeast and contemplating final location for the CNC. My choices are a non-insulated garage or the basement. I am concerned about the noise in the basement. Would anyone advise to set it up in a garage? If so, what about the electronics and potential rusting? Thanks

I think you can make the machine work in either. Start with deciding where you want to spend your time.

I was also deciding between garage and basement. I live in a cold climate, but my garage is insulated. It stays over 50 degrees even on the coldest days, that is, until someone opens the garage door and pulls in with a snow covered car. I chose the basement because that is where I am most comfortable.

To reduce noise I have a water cooled spindle, will be building an enclosure, and got a very quiet shop vac (Festool CT15).


While far from ideal mine will be outside but out of the weather. This will mean rigging the electronics to go after each use and I’ll probably rig a cover possibly with a dehumidifier. I’m sure hoping that the rails and worm drives are corrosion resistant!
I’m in the SE so the humidity is off the scale.


I do not have my CNC yet. So take my opinion with a grain of salt im still learning myself… but here is my thoughts on this subject. because i kinda thought same thing and what i concluded was. this CNC looks so easy for taring down and putting up. the cnc itself really easy. What are we talking about here 8 screws and a few plugs. using the CNC itself for squareness? I myself plan on using this in 2 area’s my basement and my garage. if i have something big i want to do ill have it in the garage. if its something small or its just to hot in my garage ill do it in the basement. I have made in each area a 4x4’ table ready with waste board.


@garrett1812 - I am also in the Northeast (mid-atlantic actually) - if want to use the CNC year round, I’d recommend the basement. My garage is far too hot in the summer, and far too cold in the winter. Though I’d take cold over hot any day.

I have my X-Carve in the basement, and will replace that with the Onefinity when it arrives. From upstairs with the door shut on the room in the basement, you can hear the machine running, but no louder than a washing machine. The shop vac puts out more noise than the spindle or the cutter. All that said, it is not quiet by any stretch – adding an enclosure and putting vac outside (or not using one) will certainly make the noise acceptable.

Hope this helps.