Oblong Circles at 45 Degrees to X/Y Axis

Here is my problem. I’m trying to cut 1.125" circles from 0.2" Corian. The circles I’m ending up with are a little small, but relatively consistent along x and y (they end up at 1.122). When I measure them at 45 degrees to x and y I end up with 1.126 and 1.118 respectively. Does anyone have any ideas why this might be? Any help would be appreciated.

Check the skew of your frame - It’s probably doing a circle, just the skew of your frame is translating an oval to your bed.

Agree with Jon. Make sure your Y-axis is completely perpendicular to your X-axis.

Hey Kyle,

Agree; this has been discussed here the other day

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Thanks everyone, that was definitely it. Had to adjust my x and y travel as well but I’ve got it pretty well dialed in now.