Onefinity CNC Pen Pencil or Marker Holder. Turn Your CNC - Etsy

This is a holder for pens, markers, and pencils to turn your Onefinity CNC into a drawing machine! It’s super simple to create toolpaths and make perfect works of art for all occasions!
This is ‘spring’ loaded, the design is ‘springy’ without the need for a metal spring, so there is some ‘give’ when drawing to give even pressure.

This is the perfect accessory to get the kids involved. You don’t need a to have the loud router running when using this! Bonus!

What you will need (does not come with)

  • 4 M5 bolts to hold the holder onto the z slider.
  • 2 fully threaded smaller screws to go through the front two mounting holes to ‘secure’ the pen/pencil/marker in place. Anything you have laying around the shop should do! Just be careful when tightening to not snap the 3d printed part.

This is 3d printed in PLA. I typically print in black unless I’m out of stock. You may get a different color.


These are really cool! I have a 3D printer and made this one from Maker Dan. For $29, I can say this is a good deal, I have more than that invested in my DIY one. It would be great if someone designed one that can mount inside the collet of a router, this way we could test a toolpath in addition to drawing.


Digital file for printing your own is up now too: