Design for Pen Holder

Just wondering if anyone has made or has recommendations to hold a pen or marker so the CNC can be used to draw on a surface. I have not received mine yet but wanting to make one while I wait. I’m not exactly sure how the router is secured to the unit or details of the hole pattern for the base of the z-axis lift to see if that is better to use.

Just asking…

Hi Marty - welcome to the forums. I think I saw something for a Shapeoko many years ago, but not for the OF. What are you trying to do exactly?

I did see something on the internet from someone else, also think it was Shapeoko but wanted some idea of how to mount to the vertical slide/router attachment likely when the router is removed.

I just wanted to use a pen or a marker to write some stuff on either wood or canvas. My wife makes signs and traces letters onto the signs by hand. I was thinking it would be easier if I just had the CNC do the outline of the writing.

I had also been looking for a pen/marker option and found a video that had a solution that made use of the router’s collet. Although this design was partially machined, I had planned to 3D print a similar version, but one that uses a collet less than 1/2" diameter. I was particularly impressed with the use of magnets instead of a spring. This design is at the 15:50 minute mark in the video below:


I did see a portion of that video before, right up to the Cadillac version in the collet. That is sweet and definitely ingenious, especially the magnets, nice touch. Having it centered on the collet is also very beneficial.

It would be a bit of a challenge to have it work on a 1/4" collet and I would like something that I can more easily switch out pens and markers as well as use a wider range of off the shelf pens and markers.

Thanks for sharing, after seeing the video, I watched a few more of his videos and subscribed. I have to say he has a much greater arsenal of tools that I have. Quite impressive,…I’m jealous.

Here is one I have had my eye on when I decide to build one.


What RPM do you use for those?? :wink:


LOL, 15,000 should do a good job of distributing Sharpie ink all over your OF and surrounding shop. :cowboy_hat_face:



Check out Widget Works - I just bought a diamond drag knife and saw they also carry pens. made in USA.