Pen attachment for 1F

Does anyone have experience with or recommendations for, a pen attachment for the 1F? Such as the one sold by Shark or on Etsy?

Is it better to have the pen held at an angle or straight up and down?

Professionally years ago, my old plotter held the pens vertically and worked fine, so I’m leaning that way as long as it’s spring loaded.

Anyone have the 3D model for sale?


also interested - i too back in the day used a pen plotter in architecture school - interesting 30 years later taking new technology back to pen plotting :slight_smile: but can absolutely see a use case…

maybe there is an ATC carousel we can use :wink:

Ha! Never seen a pen carousel. My plotter held 4 different color pens. I really liked it, but wouldn’t want to go back to those DOS days!

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I made my own because I didn’t want to pay for something I could do myself.


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Nicely done sir!

Care to share the file with me?
Or send a couple of pics?
And do I see brass sleeves for the rods to run in?


Oops, I meant for this to go to Anthony, not Preston.
But thanks Preston, for the link to the file on Etsy.

Although on a Shapeoko, the design philosophy and the pen holder (the tubes etc) are a good starting point.

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I 3D printed my setup,

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Great video on the basics of vector-based illustration. Does he get into the making of the pen holder? I skipped around through the video (vector illustration is already my jam :slight_smile: ) and think I closed the window just a few minutes from the end.

For those with 3D printers, I’ve seen 3 or 4 free STL files around. I haven’t made the time to tinker around yet but it’s on the list of things to try.

Oops wrong video link

I sell one, digital file to print your own or the physical pen holder on my Etsy!





We have one and love it!


Just bought the digital file.

Just bought the physical version and got the notification it shipped less than an hour later. Thanks, Ben!

Now to drag myself into the 21st century where I hear some folks have lasers and 3D printers. I may even program in something other than Perl (different kind of geekdom).

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Ben, do you have a brand/model pen that you recommend? I’m planning to use it for fine lines on cherry and oak boards.

no. I just shove whatever I have on hand in there.

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