Overall height for enclosure?

What is the inside clearance most of you are making for clearance. I have a ship date for Aug. and wanted to start building its new home. I will be having a 4" drop to the area for dust collection and want to plan everything out.

Mine is 24” tall but not sure what you mean by 4” drop…personally I’d wait on building an enclosure for awhile to see if you’d want to do something different once you get you machine.

I have a 4” dust collection line i am wanting to drop above its future location. I’m currently drawing up a few different ideas and seeing if I can find what is the best option. Obviously wood is crazy but looking into maybe welding a table. I couldn’t find an overall height of the machine. I know there several factors to take into, spindle vs router, dust collection. I guess I’m just excited and finding ways to kill time. Lol

~33in inside height of my enclosure.

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Gary, for what it’s worth, I welded up a table at 48x68 and purposely did not add any accommodating enclosure supports. My thought was that I would eventually make final decisions on the enclosure once I have run the machine through its paces. Then I could frame out the enclosure based on my working experience.

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