Machinist Enclosre

Has anyone built an enclosure for the machinist? Would love to know the dimensions so I could build it while I wait for mine to arrive.

From the pics I’ve seen, any Woodworker enclosure scaled down in X & Y should work equally well for the Machinist. Enclosures seem to vary, based on surrounding area and the table it’s sitting on.
Here’s the dimensions for the machinist if you haven’t already seen this. Disregard the circled dim’s, I was just verifying these for my machine base.

How much room do you need to leave on the sides and top? I’m new to this so just looking for help.

Not really sure, just look at what others have done with the woodworker. I don’t have my machine yet, and won’t until December. Shouldn’t need too much room on the sides, and the top probably depends largely on if you’re planning on running with a dust collector, which would require more space.