Minimum “workbench top” size question

Hello to everyone! I’m new to the forum. My Woodworker is scheduled to deliver end of March. I also have the Suck-it dust collector on order and will install a drag chain. Just finished a 4’x4’ workbench base. I plan to build a noise enclosure to accommodate the machine and the above accessories. So I’m asking for feedback on the best size “bench top” to build. Said another way “what is the minimum bench top size necessary to accommodate the woodworker (including the Suck-it and drag chain) as well as allowing for enough perimeter to accommodate a 3/4” plywood enclosure. Any feedback would be appreciated.

I decided not to go the enclosure route but I found that the 1F and drag chain will just fit on a 4x4 sheet of plywood. If you are going to build an enclosure around this it will be very tight around the outside.

For this reason I decided to go a different route. The build was getting too expensive and too comples to accomodate all I wanted to do.

This is where my current thoughts are. (The two black boxes are tool-boxes.)

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Thanks Ziggy for the quick response! I appreciate your feedback.

I’m think about getting the enclosure from OpenBuilds. The 1010 Sleek Silver Bundle version.
(OpenBuilds Modular Enclosure System - OpenBuilds Part Store)

My table it 60" x 60".

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Thanks Frank for the feedback. I’ve watched the OpenBuild enclosure video. It’s a great solution. I see from your attached pic that 5’ x 5’ is a good size. Thanks again!

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Hi. That OpenBuilds 1010 enclosure may be too small when you add room for the dustboot. It would be nice to buy something off the shelf or re-purpose something.

I agree. Thanks for the follow-up.

Mike B

I’m in the same boat. Need to make a table now before OF arrives.
FrankP, as stated do you think the OF with drag chain and dust boot will fit in the * Inside Dimensions: 46" W x 46" L x 29" H (1180mm W x 1180mm L x 740mm H) of that 1010 enclosure?
Also, when people make their tables wider than a sheet of mdf, where are you all making the seam?

In response to the question about MDF sizes, I actually found here in Dallas a wood supplier that has MDF in 5’x8’ lengths. Try and call around your area to see if you can find the same product.