Under Workbench Enclosure: Woodworker X-50

My workshop/garage space is limited, and I didn’t want to lose my workbench to the CNC. I expanded the size and made an enclosure below it to contain everything I need. Still need to work on my wire management, but I’ve had it for a week, and it’s working out great. I know I’ll need to bend over to do tool changes and whatnot, but I’m still young(ish) and limber enough that it’s not an issue. Hopefully by the time I’m old enough that it’s a problem I’ll have a bigger workshop and can move the CNC to a higher surface.


Looks good (while you are young). Do remember that you need to do maintenance on the ball screws, etc. That might be tough unless you can access the sides. I’d suggest putting it on wheels and making sure you can take the side panels off for access.


Fantastic use of space. I had to put mine under my assembly table. What hardware did you use for your doors?

I just went with a couple of wooden doors (3x3’s) with two panes of 1/4" polycarbonate in each of them to try to reduce sound. Hinges attached to the sides of the bench and a couple box latches to hold them shut