Overlay for workpiece

Hello everyone!
I am trying something new and I have seen folks use some sort of sticky clear contact paper/plastic to cover the wooden work piece prior to cutting so they can paint later. Does any one suggest what I should be using besides shelf contact paper from the local box store? I am loving this CNC and the forum!

It’s called oracal and you can get it on Amazon. Give your material a quick sanding before putting it on and it will stick better. Use something like a credit card to squeegee it once it’s on.

After you do your engraving, give it another squeegee to press down anything that may have lifted during engraving and shoot it with a spray coat of clear acrylic or poly to prevent your color from bleeding into the edges.

Thank you for the fast reply Jim. Are you saying give a quick coat over the plastic after I have squeegeed out all of the bubbles?
I am planning on painting my workpiece first, then covering it with the plastic, then engraving it. If there are steps in between all of this, I would appreciate a little more help.

Thanks again!

Are you going to paint the relief also?

You’ll want to clear coat prior to any painting, pre- or post-carve. The grain will soak up the clear coat instead of paint and make your edges more crisp.

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Yes, after, because you have to engrave first. That’s going to expose edge grain that will often wick the paint or stain that you apply to the engraved areas into the surrounding wood. You’ll see it as fuzzy edges that you won’t be able to sand off because it’s penetrated down into the wood.

Clear first got it thanks!!

Thanks Mike I will try that