Palm Inlay Coffee Table ...First video project. Love feedback

I have completed my first public video project, a short montage. If you can spare the time, I would love your constructive feedback. It is available in 4K for those with the hardware, though you may have to force it in the video settings as this video is not exactly a hot item being pushed out to every CDN node.

This is first and foremost for my family, who always want to know what I’m working on but don’t always understand the tools when I talk about them. However, if I can also provide interesting and quality content to others, this would certainly bring some personal satisfaction.

This project is far from perfect. In an attempt to keep this post brief (too late? :crazy_face:), please view the YouTube video description for information regarding specific project details and challenges.

I added chapter keys to the video description, but apparently, they don’t get applied to the video without 1000 subscribers. Also, I’m currently waiting on YouTube to verify my ID to allow links in the video description to be clickable.

Thanks for looking. And for those of you that take the plunge, thanks for watching!


Really enjoyed it - thank you for taking the time to put it together.
A few initial thoughts right after watching…

  1. If possible, could the air nozzle/tube be placed further back and still function to contain the chips? I would like to see less of it in the close up shots
  2. Although I do not mind the music, I still also like to hear the machines working. Is it possible to perhaps have both - maybe a fade in and out? I understood your reasoning given noise from other machines in the shop.
  3. Your description was thorough, but perhaps even a few splash screens of bits and feeds and speeds within the video would be interesting for those who do not read the ‘more’ text.
  4. Great image clarity.
  5. Nice variety of steps shown, and the duration of each step was reasonable.
  6. Seeing the colours pop with the addition of the finish at the end was great.
  7. The purple paint blob logo finish was a fun addition.

A great contribution to the community.
Also, what editing software are you currently using?


Hey @Matticustard, hey Tom,

I find your camera project interesting (and am also already curious about yours Tom :))

I agree with this

Totally agree :slight_smile: I can do without the music

What I find is that you don’t seem to have the focus precisely on the cutting bit yet. Do you have autofocus there or is it fixed focus? You do have a large depth of field (small focal length/aperture ratio), but I still think the sharpest thing should be what’s of interest here: the cutting bit. And for the around, which is less of interest, a little bokeh would not be wrong either.


Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback, and particularly the praise.

I agree it would be nice to do something different there. I need to run some more extensive testing with different configurations. At the moment, I’ve been stuck in the “well, it already works the way it is” stage and I was ready to make something.

For what it’s worth I tried building the air nozzle into the dust boot which fired down toward the opening at a 45ish degree angle, but this was a total failure and just made a bigger mess than without.

I think that’s reasonable and it’s something I can try to work into the next video. I like to hear them too, just not all the other junk. Perhaps if I take a legitimate audio print of the shop with the dust collector, air filtration, and big fan running, I can use that de-noise the audio in relation to the biggest “always-on” offenders.

I love this idea. I will definitely work this in moving forward.

Always my favorite part!

Thanks. I paid $30 to a guy on Fiverr for a handful of animations. I’m pretty sure they are cookie cutter from an app, but it works for now. If this ever becomes something bigger, I can always make or order something truly custom.

Adobe CC:

  • Adobe Premiere for video compilation
  • Adobe Illustrator for vector graphic overlays
  • Adobe Photoshop for still image touch-ups
  • Adobe Audition as needed for audio stuff

Thanks again for watching and for your thorough feedback. This is very helpful.


It’s a GoPro, so the focus is fixed. I have some other lenses to try as well, but the +1 worked pretty well (made a noticeably positive difference) out of the box. Otherwise, it’s a matter of moving the whole camera forward or back to try to hit that sweet spot. But I am also attempting to keep the close-up camera out of the field-of-view of the side-angle camera, which unfortunately limits the total range I can move it forward. It all seems to be a bit more of a balancing act than I had anticipated.

Thank you for the feedback! I will attempt to put all of these great comments to use.

Great Job, I’ll give you a follow. looking forward to the next videos.

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