Password, upgrade

Hello everyone!

I am new to the world of Onefinity and need your help.
Let me introduce myself, French Canadian and retired for three years.
I discovered the world of CNC two years ago with Shapeoko.
I would rather carve than do maintenance on my machine so I ordered my Woodworker, it arrived and installed.

On the touch screen it asks me to upgrade the software from 1.08 to 1.09

When I click on upgrade it asks me for a password.
I tried multiple passwords and never got the right one.
so … what password?
Is it the one of Buildbotics? I am not registered.

Thank you for you precious help!


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Hey Andre!
Try onefinity.



So close! You got to the forum but missed the firmware upgrade thread :stuck_out_tongue: Firmware Update 1.0.9 (12/17/21) (Latest Release)


It works!!! Thank’s Neil!

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Time to start making wood chips. lol

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Le mot de passe est: onefinity ou buildbotics selon la date de manufacture.

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