Please sell the feet/supports from the new QCW Frame

It would be great if you would offer the feet from your new QCW Frame for users that want to elevate their machine for additional clearance.


I believe this is what your looking for…

If I got it right you have to have the QCW installed to use the "Any surface leveling system ". So I don’t think that’s what he’s looking for. I would use the feet/ support myself.


" Important Note: QCW Frame not included and is require[d]
for the Any Surface Leveling System to work."

Is it not possible to make your own riser blocks from either hardwood or aluminum to whatever height you need.

I’m sure that could be done without too much difficulty. Just thought buying them would be neat and easy.

RowdyRoman has something similar but for raising the x Axis… Not sure if you are trying to just use thicker material, in which case this would work or if you are wanting to actually raise the entire platform

You could maybe build/modify off of his digital files.

You could jsut buy them prebuilt from him, if this would worlk.

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