QCW Fix Stand And Fixed Leg Kit

Turn your Onefinity CNC into a stand alone money maker. Don’t waste time and money building a flat table when you can use that time to make awesome things! The innovative design of the Onefinity give you the option to easily add a solid, compact table. In addition the unique deign allow you to place your vacuum and other things right underneath, saving a lot of space.

Already have a QWC, no problem, purchase just the The Fixed Stand Leg Kit, this allows you to turn you existing QCW into a solid stand for your Onefinity.

Both the QWC Fixed Stand and the Fixed Stand Leg Kit Feature a compact design and innovative wobble free, easy adjust leveling feet. Set-up is quick and easy making for a great addition to your Onefinity CNC.

Important: The Fixed Stand will go on sale November 28, 2022. First orders will start shipping in 3-4 weeks.

Be safe, be well, and stay tuned for our final announcement on Wednesday! :blush:

The Entire Onefinity Family

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I will move next year and I was debating to move with my (homemade) table or get the QCW but I did not need (or like) the wheels and the basic frame still required legs.
This is a nice alternative, I will look into it!

Do we get the options to secure from beneath or above?

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Yes, it workes with any style qcw.

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So wish this was available when I bought my machine. Now I have a Kreg bench with the QCW sitting on it. Maybe I’ll switch to this kit and turn the other bench into a work table :thinking:
Very nice accessory for those buying machines now.

Where do the controller and monitor fit into this setup? At first glance, you still need to either have a side table to accommodate those things. I guess you could mount the controller to the bottom of the wasteboard but you lose easy access to the stop function and still doesn’t solve the location of the monitor.

The controller mounts to the underside of the qcw when using it with the legs.

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Thank you for responding! What about the touchscreen mount?

It mounts on the exact same spot, front of the rail. Definitely check out the qcw youtube videos we have!