New roll around system

What all do I have to buy to make this rolling system work? Some or all of these?Rolling-Folding Stand Leg Kit Price$337.66S Sale Price

Woodworker QCW Frame (Secure from Above) Version Price $365.50 Sale Price

Any Surface Leveling System $29.75 Sale Price

Do I have to spend another $700?

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Hello Allen - you don’t have to spend anything. It is your choice to purchase their pre-made products, but you can certainly go in many other directions.


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I noticed the Onefinity page no longer shows the QCW frame secure from below version. Error on page or no longer an offering?

Yes if you want the rollable foldable stand you will at least need the QCW system as per the website.

I see it is now back on the page. Good as that is the one I want