Porta cable router

Has anyone used a porta cable router with 1/2 in collet ijust bought machine but would like to use the bits i have instead of going with the makita router

The machine is designed specifically for the Makita router and a few variants of the same body design. The Porter-Cable router will most likely not work in the machine. What is the body diameter of your router?

I have not purchased it yet if body size is right do you see there being a problem?

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That’s one thing I looked into quite extensively prior to just going with an 80mm spindle. There are a lot of different routers that do have 65mm bodies but some have their control switches in such weird locations that they’re impossible to use with the stock mount.

The only one supported by Onefinity is the Makita RT0701C Trim Router and there seems to be no aftermarket support for that particular router with regard to collets.

I looked into Porter Cable because there is an extensive list of supported models for aftermarket collets but what you’ll find, as I did, is that either the router is hilariously under-powered or it just won’t fit the mount.

That’s where you’ll arrive at a crossroads of sorts: do you go with what you know will work or just go for the ER20 spindle right out the gate? If you absolutely need the 1/2" shank capacity, Onefinity has endorsed this 80mm ER20 solution but that will also require purchase and installation of Onefinity’s 80mm spindle mount.

Thanks for the information

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This company actually sells quite a good selection of Makita collets, I bought a couple from them.


Sadly, limited to 1/4" and 8mm at the high end. OP and I were in the search for the elusive 1/2" collet. :wink:

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Ok then, I’ll just take my link and go home. :rofl:

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lol. Nah, it’s a fine link. A very well-crafted link that appears to have been created of quality materials. For all intents and purposes, it should have been good enough as-is but you know how it goes. Some people just cannot be pleased. :smiley:

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