Power Requirements for Elite Foreman with 2.2kW 240V Pwn Spindle

Hello everyone, I was searching for Elite Foreman power requirements and came across this from OF (edited):

“One in the center provides main power to the controller, screen, motors and router power plug on the back of the power supply. This requires at least 15amp (breaker) from your home. There will be a second power input on the back of the 110v power supply. This input only provides power to the ‘vac’ labeled output. It should be on it’s own at least 15amp (20amp is ideal) breaker line.”

In addition to this I see that the only power requirement for the 2.2kW 220V spindle is a 20amp circuit.

Can anyone confirm this is the extent of the required circuits? I will need to get an electrician in. I currently have a 220V SawStop 3hp saw and am wondering if I will be able to use it at the same time the CNC is running.

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Hey Jason,

I have a VFD for single-phase 200-240 V input for a 2.2 kW spindle. It is rated 24 A max. input current, and in the manual, the recommended circuit breaker/fuse is 30 A. Here a photo of its nameplate:


You see, the input current rating (Ampères) is there.

Note that I have noticed that cheap chinese VFDs often simply omit the input current rating on the nameplate and in the manual, especially on 120 V models, as they try to hide the fact that for U.S. buyers, there is usually no circuit strong enough in a normal household. On 120 V models, for the same power, the current would be the double than for 240 V.

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I too put in a 30 amp. Then I added clean dry air. That was fun … Yeah right

Much appreciated. I suppose I need to let the electrician know all of the things I want to run (at the same time) and see what he/they say is realistic.