Powering a 2.2kw 220v spindle

Need help with the double shielded cabling to power a 2.2kw, 220v spindle.
What size or brand works best? And where can I purchase ?

Jason Stewart on the FB group is quite knowledgeable, and just did a ‘shout out’ offering to answer any spindle/VFD questions. If you have FB access I would take him up on his offer - he has posted some informative videos as well on your topic, most recently re grounding of spindle.

This is what I went with - double shielded flex cable made for CNC machines - $4.22CAD/ft


So far has worked well with my 800kw spindle with no interference, although I also put the cable inside a 1/2” diameter aluminum jacket, and I have ferrite cores over other low voltage data cables. Have a 2.2kw spindle sitting on the shelf waiting.

I put a plug between the spindle and cable so I could swap spindles easier and below is a crappy picture:

Although I grounded the cable shield I didn’t modify the ground in the spindle as the instructions I got with the spindle explicitly said not to. My touch probe works as expected.

Grounding is a hot topic on many forums - here is one thread from a forum I am a member of. It shows how opinions/facts differ, but one member posted a few manufacturer guidelines that you might find interesting/useful: