VFD installing cables

Setting up a 1.5kw 110v spindle on a shoestring budget and having fun with the repurposing of parts. I am attempting to make this a safer spindle package than what Amazon sent me to plug and play. Please feel free to post pictures of your set ups and parts used.

I used some power cords that I found around the house and soldered ring terminals on the individual wire ends. Inside an old gutted PC case I drilled a couple mounting holes and installed this EMI filter Noise Suppressor Power EMI Filter Termianl Single-Phase Line-Conditioner JREle AC 115/250V 20A CW4L2-20A-S. As well as my VFD into the pc case.

You can see where I had to file down the ring connectors in one of the pics.

Work in progress not sure about using the 3rd wire on the Load power in to the VFD? I just grounded both sides, filter side to metal pc case and VFD side to the metal plate on back of VFD that makes connection/continuity to the ground terminal on the front right of VFD as tested with volt meter. I am saving that front connection to ground for spindle cable ground wire.

Next is the male power in plug and a on off switch to the VFD. This will be mounted in the old power supply box of the pc and have the power enter in the stock pc location. I have the stock PC power in plug 10amp and a 12amp fuse but going to look for something else…

An Interesting set up.

A thought for you and your design you might want to consider is make sure you can see your vfd display once.installed. i find that checking that the vfd has not tripped (or even has been switched on :smiley:) useful.


Like doing a pc of see through material instead of the normal PC cover…like a swatch watch…lol

Will see what I can find in the clear plastic department of recycled goods around here.

Thanks for the idea!!

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I don’t see where your VFD is actually grounded. i.e. the incoming power does not look like it is connected to the PE (grounding point on the VFD). Also I would get a grounding bar and isolate it from the PC Case if you are going to have multiple things that you need to ground. They are only a few bucks at the big box hardware stores. Finally, if you plan on enclosing the everything you need to consider getting some airflow/fans in that case.

BTW, What you describe as grounding is not what I would call grounding the VFD and spindle. There may be some round about way that it will ground but i would tie directly to the PE on the VFD. for example incoming power green to PE and the spindle (Wire#4 to the same PE screw found on the right of the VFD. (Not sure if that PE is actually tied to the VFD frame that you are referencing.

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Thanks for the input Dean, much appreciated.
About the incoming power and ground, my emi filter has 3 leads on incoming side and two on Load side, where should ground attach if the opposite end is attached to VFD PE connection?

What I did was attach an extra ground wire to the line ground on EMI filter and then hooked opposite end to PC metal case as star ground along with a ground wire to the frame of VFD and back to the star connection.

Please let me know if there is a flaw to this wire routing, thanks

Let me see if I can do a crude drawing later today and post tonight after work…

Thanks, much appreciated.

I picked up a lil dc fan and some cable clamps for my spindle cable plus a few ferrite cores.

I tried to draw out the connections, thanks

Exciting stuff tinkering around, planning a spoil board and t tracks on the way. Never stop learning and always interesting things to try out. Thinking about a trap door set up on the table. Have a great Monday everyone!!!

This is similar to what I would draw up. Remember your cable coming from your spindle should also be link to the PE ground. That should be Pin 4 and then UVW should connect to pins 1,2,3 on the Spindle cable. Not sure if you have already confirmed that Pin 4 has continuity to the spindle casing. I ask because many of the Chinese spindles do not have pin 4 connected on the inside of the spindle casing. I was lucky and it was already connected.

Thanks for the confirmation on the grounds.

I have my double shielded spindle cable ready on the VFD side but waiting on a connector for the spindle side.

No luck here on the ground of pin 4, when I put my meter to the pins and the spindle case I got nothing as far as continuity between the spindle and pin 1-4…lol I will be opening it up and making the connection soon.
I did get lucky and found an extra #4 collet in my spindle. At the same time made me think someone else had already played with it and returned it forgetting the collet.

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Found a few more scraps in the bone yard that might help with this build. Nice clean socket 15a 250v and a little fan to build up positive pressure inside the PC case. Found a few cable clamps, gromet, and cable mounts that wrap around the exposed shielding of the spindle cable.

Found a DC-DC buck converter input 5v-30v output 1.25v - 26v commonly used as LED driver power supply. Not sure if I will use it or not but was a good find…lol
Off to the soldering station, hopefully things are going your way!!

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Dam broski killing it.

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