Problem homing machine Z Axis

I get a yellow warning and then whein i click on it I get this message

the Z Unit does not go all they way to the top when trying to home

When i keep going and probe xyz it is ok but when i run g cone it give me and error and wont let me cut down to the top of the spoil board

Can you please help

Check cnc home and home of the CAM programme are the same.

Check your Feed and clearance heights in the CAM programme. They sometime acculumate (e.g. Feed height is 5 mm above model height, clearance is 10mm above feed height etc)

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thank you

what is the maximum it should it be set to on my CAM programme ?

does this look correct ?


I get weird error messages, too. Not sure what the deal is (I was on 1.0.9, went to 1.1.1, then back to 1.0.9…errors on each firmware).
zError1.pdf (22.8 MB)
zError2.pdf (19.4 MB)
zError3.pdf (24.9 MB)
zError4.pdf (25.0 MB)

I haven’t replaced my z-axis cord, yet. It’s a very intermittent problem.

But, as you can see…these errors are in the x-axis, so I suspect it’s a software bug.

I agree with “software bug”. Recently resurfaced wasteboard and cut a new grid with same programs used before. Got multiple over, under errors on all axis, that never happened before. My solution was to reposition all the axis and re-zero each of them, multiple times until the 1F was “happy”. Note: in this process, moving all the axis with the joystick, after zeroing out, it was obvious I wasn’t on the extreme of the limits. Thus, in my mind, shouldn’t have gotten the errors, when worked perfectly prior times.

it’s not a software bug.

:Help! My Toolpath says 'Under' or 'Over"! (with videos)

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They are not big numbers. Do you have a really fat / deep piece of wood or a very long end mill or both?


So, just looking at that last picture…


I think the only reasonable conclusion is that the machine was in G90 (absolute reference), rather than G91 (relative) mode.

If it were in G90, then I commanded an absolute position of x=-495, which of course would be a foul.

If it were in G91, then I commanded a relative move of -495 (from x=500 to x=5), at a feed rate of 1200mm/min, which would have been legitimate.

So once again grouping correct g-code together is crucial.