Z axis problems

New to cnc.just put machine together and wanted to flatten waste board. Try to zero z but only comes down about half the travel and I get an error message.z axis position - 170mm is less than minimum SOFT limit.Is there Goode on there from testing that I have to cancel

I am not sure if you have checked out the FAQ section yet, but I found this which may help:

Yes that is my next move I just don’t know why I can’t jog it down more than half the travel and I get the error

Did the machine perform a successful homing routine when you did that before trying to set Z zero?

Yes it did. I’ve deleted the Goode that infinity puts on to test and now I can get z to travel full with no error. Probably didn’t have to delete Goode but haven’t had time to fiqure that part of the operation out yet

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