Programming Tools into the Masso Unit

Just curious, how many of you are programming all your tools into your Masso? I understand that feature is important if you are using an ATC but without the ATC should I bother? I mainly choose the tool in my software and go on.

I will say that I’m having difficulty understanding how the change tool command works. For now I’ve been loading 2 separate tool path files to the machine but I’d like to load all toolpaths in one file. When it displays the dialogue box to change the tool, I need to move the machine to the front corner and lift Z but I don’t know how to get the machine to resume after I’m done changing things over. I haven’t found any video of that process. If someone knows of one, I’d be very appreciative.

I have not taken the time to add all tools to Masso yet but I probably will eventually.

When Masso asks for a tool change it will move to a designated position (if you have it enabled) and after you change the tool just press the green button to start the cut BUT without a tool setter or stop collars on the bit the new tool length will not be at the same length as the previous and not cut correctly.

Masso has a good video on using tool setters and a setup guide. There is a tool setter built for Masso machines on Etsy. A tool setter or stop collar will allow you to have one file for all your cuts.

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I did. It’s important for tool setter… if you use an external keyboard it’s incredibly faster, loaded my whole library in about 10 min


I’ve been mulling the Etsy tool setter but lamenting the idea of giving up a corner to mount it.

I thought about manually moving it to a given spot but I know I’ll forget in the middle of a long carve and reward myself with a scrapped project.

The tool setter is worth losing a couple sq inches of real estate in my opinion.

You can always unbolt and disable the tool setter if you need the area for a large project or move it to a free area. Just don’t forget to update the location and save.

Or lower the top to just at or below the waste board, I set mine 1-1/2" below the top


Just my 2cents I think you’re better off saving different tool paths that require a different cutter in to separate files. Kinda dummy proofs the set up at bit change and only takes a couple seconds. If you got Atc then obviously different story. I haven’t programmed em in yet but it’s on the list… right after soldering the cables for my spindle lol

This is how I implemented mine as well, just below the waste board surface so it does not interfere with cutting sheets or tiling. I do find it can be a challenge with short bits due to travel limitations but I use a length of brass bar about 1.5" long as an offset when I know I will be using short bits in the program. Placing it a little lower might have been prudent as at some point surfacing the waste board will make it protrude above the surface, cross that bridge when the time comes.

Some sort of adjustable system might make sense too, always something to improve upon.

Mine is at or a touch below the wasteboard. I have it in a sweet spot where the z almost bottoms out but doesn’t with my short bits which also compliments my dust boot at full height

I have a toolsetter from ESTY DashMadeWoodworking - Etsy. When I order you can request extra long mounting bracket and he will customize it with no charge.

I did the same thing. I’m very happy with this vs having it on the wasteboard, as I used to.

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