Tool Change Walkthrough Masso

Don’t own an Elite Series yet, doing my research. Can anyone link me to a video or written source that shows the process on the Masso controller for a multiple tool path multiple tool change and what that might look like on the screen. I’m familiar with creating gCode files in Carbide Create and running a Shapeoko with Carbide Motion. I know what the on-screen commands look like in Motion, like to know what its like on the Masso for the Elite machine.

Thanks for you time…

Let me try rephrasing my question. Can anyone here with an Elite series machine tell me if the Masso shuts down the machine and prompts (pop up message or otherwise) to change tools on multi tool cut file?

Yes it does that exactly, and moves the spindle to your pre set location for tool changes and if you populate the tool table it will tell you what tool by description to load, then hit cycle start, you do need ( I Think) the tool setter to fully use this option.

Mitchells woodworking channel has lots of good videos with the Masso.

Here’s one addressing your question.