PSA - Conflict between Z plate and Toolsetter

Piecing together search results, I got my tool setter working in combination with my plate.

The plate was previously working fine, but if I had both connected, the plate would immediately throw a probe alert. Luckily, I had an extra plate cable. Testing both, sure enough, they wired randomly. My two were reversed, allowing me to simply switch cables to get both probes on the same polarity. Funny enough, the magnets in the two were also reversed in polarity! Mind you, these magnets are shaped, fitting in a single direction, so there was no fixing that, but again, I was able to simply swap the magnets. I needed to do this to be compatible with the plate/pendant mount that I bought, which has a magnet to hold the probe magnet.

I wish I could have simply swapped the pins without cutting and soldering, but I didn’t have a pin tool and was unable to remove them. I also tried to trace up the wires to swap at the PLC, but ultimately chose against.

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