Tool probe not working after adding tool setter

Hi All.
Elite Foreman with with PWNCNC spindle.

I have been using the Onefinity touchplate for 6 months. Magnet on collet and banana plug in plate. Been working no problems,

Today I added the new tool setter. That seemed to go well but my probe quit working. I have checked wire and connections and it is all good, The magnet has about 13 volts to it.

After reading a number of posts this acts like the wires are reversed. The probe seems to work when I touch it with the magnet only. I have seen some posts that only one wire is needed with a spindle.

Not sure why the probe changed as I did not touch the probe settings and have not updated any firmware.

Any thoughts on what may have happened and how to fix it?


What tool setter did you add? Can you show us how it’s connected?

Added the new onefinity setter on the appropriate connector. If I hold the touchplate magnet to the plate and leave the banana plug unconnected, the probe function works correctly. Just ran a 2 tool job that way and it seemed to work with the setter just fine.

Just disconnected the tool setter and the probe goes back to working normally with magnet on collet and the banana plug in the touch plate. Something with the tool setter install changes the way the wiring to the touchplate works. Maybe the tool setter adds the ground in from mounting on the QCW frame?

I have the same problem. No solution yet. Currently disconnected tool setter while I do some laser work, but will need solution when I return to spindle work. Very frustrating.

This is so crazy?! I just sent in a support email to onefinitity for exactly this issue. Which I didn’t put together at the time (until reading this post) that it was related to the tool setter. Because exactly the same thing happened to me. I just got my machine and I’m newly setting it up. I had the touch probe working, then added the tool setter, then the probe didn’t work. I had read a post about how the wires can be backwards sometimes during production, so I cut the wires, and re soldered them opposite and now the touch probe works just fine. I don’t know what is causing the issue. Hopefully it can be resolved, but it seems to work at least for a temp fix.

No email has come to technical support from you ( (info email is for orders/shipping and cannot help with technical support)

Most likely the probe wire is backwards. Since we don’t support spindles it hasn’t mattered to us which way it’s wired as with the supported makita router it is insulated so it just works. (All probe wires are being changed internally and starting next month all
Shipped from us will be wired “right”)

  1. if you have a qcw DO NOT place the magnet on the frame or bolt when not in use as your making a ground loop in the system causing the everything to mess up as masso internally shares common ground with all items.
  2. cut the probe wires and flip them. It should fix your issue.
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Switching the wires worked for me and my PwnCNC spindle (received in mid January). I was not able to ditch the magnet altogether because the ground on the spindle was not consistent enough to trip the input. I should clarify that I set up the setter and probe at the same time.


Was out of town this week. Thanks, will flip the wires. Simple enough. Just though it was odd that it did not matter until I added the tool setter. Thats the only I attached to the frame. Spindles can be insulated like the router I think, if they have ceramic bearings which mine does.

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Thanks for sharing. Onefinity suggested that too. Going to do it this weekend.

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Thanks for confirming the fix. I cut the xyz probe wires and flipped the connection. Works like a charm. Cheers.

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Thanks for the info. I posted first before opening a ticket in case I was just missing something really obvious. I can confirm flipping the wires worked like a charm. Loving the tool setter.

On my machine the X and Y work just fine but when touching off for the Z axis, the machine cuts air for a short period of time and does not cut to full the depth that i intended it to cut. Would this reversing the wires work for this as well?