Pwncnc dust boot with drag chains

Is any one running the rear exit Pwncnc dust boot with full drag chains? I like the thought of it with the 90 seems great but I have full drag chains on x and y.

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I am using it but no drag chain on my side

I should have an answer to this in a few weeks. I just ordered the Route 1 drag chains kit for my own Onefinity and will definitely be testing fitment.


Have you been able to mount the chains with dust boot??

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I’ve just done that exact thing today. Route 1 drag chains with pwncnc dust shoe.

How is working? Any issues? Which dust boot are you issuing? Any pics? Thanks

It seems fine at the moment. I have the v2 boot with the 90 degree adapter and the flexible hose connected directly to the shoe. With the stepper motors touching the wall and the Y axis fully back there is room between the backside of the dragchains and the wall for the hose to run. I’m going to have to run my hose to the right of the Z slider as I have my steppers poking through the wall of my enclosure, bit of a chore but not impossible by any means.

@BeerMedic522 here’s some images from the rear. As you can see I’m poking the steppers through the rear wall of the enclosure so there’s another 50mm to play with if you’re not doing that.

I use it with drag chain. You can take a look in my post here: my Facebook post