QCW misalignment

Hey everyone, I got the QCW all assembled and leveled and when I went to put the machine on it according to instructions, there’s a misalignment. The front is nice and flush (per instruction) but the back is misaligned so that the screws don’t want to go in. Here’s the front.

And here’s the back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is it just that the QCW is not precisely built and I need to not have the front flush or is it something else?


Here’s the hole misalignment.

Mine is a perfect fit. I think the key to success is to manually pull the x axis all the way to the front, hand tighten the screws, pull x axis all the way to back and screws should fit perfect. Crank down screws and done.

Loosen the qcw bolts and adjust until they align.

Wouldn’t that make the QCW loose?

Those are the instructions, but mine is clearly off. The QCW is shorter from front to back than the onefinity.

Until you retighten them after mounting the machine.

Not to be too critical, but that seems like a 1/2 measure for something that wasn’t milled precisely. Will put shear force on the bolts holding the Onefinity to the QCW.