QCW waste board options

Hey everyone new to the forums and still learning alot so sorry if this sound stupid.

I have a woodworker and a QCW frame and i am looking for a wasteboard design that will work with the QCW frame that can use Ex. bench dogs, touch prob cutout, threaded inserts. has measurments and grid. I have seen a few online but i dont think they are compatable with the QCW frame.

Dose anyone have any recommendions or know of anyone that has a file for sale?

I’d like to know this too

Hi Michael - I’m not tracking a design for sale, but I haven’t looked either. There are plenty of waste board designs for the OF that can be adapted to fit the QCW though. I’m happy to share mine. Heck, if you are feeling froggy, give me your dimensions and requirements and I will modify my design file and send it to you**.


** some assembly required :wink:

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I did one for the JM QCW but it’s only got the holes for attachment to the QCW frame - nothing for inserts or dog holes since the QCW has built-in t-track. I did a 2x2" grid and 3 centered circles (4, 6 an 10"). But the design is in VCarve so won’t be much use to anyone not using VCarve. I also think the slats may be sized differently for the OP’s WW model. :man_shrugging:

Hi Tom,
Thanks for the reply, I just happened to find your youtbue channle. loving your vids btw!

That would be amazing, my cutting area is 32 1/8" x 32 1/8", I am just looking for a measurment grid, and a few places to put in threaded inserts. I was thinking of doing bench dogs but im not sure as the waste board is only 3/4" thick.
I need to meause the the spots where the t-track are installed on the QCW when i get home and i could upload that information.

I set my Journeyman QCW a couple of weeks ago. After tramming and surfacing my spoilboard, I setup a grid in Vcarve Pro, using 50mm spacing. I ran that 1mm DOC and cut the grid with a tapered ball nose bit.

After noting the locations of the QCW rails, from the grid lines, I laid out and array of bench dog holes at the closest location to 0 on both the X and Y axis and setup a file to cut the 20mm holes, so I have about 4 holes in the Y Axis and a hole in each board in the X axis. I did these holes in vCarve.

If interested, ping me at caedwards874 at gmail dot com and I’ll send you the vcarve and gcode files.

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No problem Michael - just let me know your dimensions.


Updating this to a link to the post in another thread, saw that this was relevant to both threads.

Creating a master grid for Journeyman QCW wasteboard with dogholes and threaded inserts

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