QWC Secure from top Wasteboard grid

Has anyone designed (in Vectric) a grid system for the secure from above QWC? If so, are you willing to share it?

The quickest part of the entire thing is setting up the holes in CAD - the measurements are all in the manual(s). It’s not a big time saver to share that.

I’m about to lay out the holes for the 3 panel orientations of the Foreman - the other machines use different patterns. But I’ll only be doing the holes, no profiles, and if I share the file, whomever uses it will have to modify it to suit their panel sizes (mine aren’t cut to the sizes from he manual).

The panels should also be done one at a time so they can be accurately probed, and you’ll need some other temporary wasteboard or another (already set up) CNC to do the operations.


Thank you for the explanation & feedback